Plush Jesus


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Plush Jesus Figure

Cuddly figure to play with and pray with
Friendly, warm appearance
Made from supersoft plush
Head full of wool hair
Perfect gift for the new-borns

Perfect for Childrens liturgy groups and primary schools

Height 11″/30 cm
Hand washable
Made in accordance with the European standard EN71 and US legislation


In stock

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How to use Plush Jesus

To pray with

Plush Jesus can be used as great help while praying with children. Jesus figure stands and in this way it shows one of the right positions for a prayer (unlike rolling on the bed as our children prefer the most :-D). Its kind face helps even the laziest little bum to give thanks and to say prayers to our Heavenly Father. The embroidered flaming Sacred Heart crowned with thorns will help you to explain how much Jesus loves us.

To fall asleep with

Our Plush Jesus is made of extra soft plush and your children will love to cuddle it when falling asleep. Jesus figure is 30 cm/18 ” tall which makes it easy for children to hug. It gives out warmth and its smile brightens up each morning.

For the Holy Mass

The Plush Jesus is a perfect toy for a quiet play during long sermons. It is easier for children to imagine and re-act stories from the New Testament when a realistic Jesus toy is at hand. We have designed our Plush Jesus figure according to the painting of the Divine Mercy as it appeared to st. Faustina Kowalski. You can therefore always give your children a mission to find the real painting of the Divine Mercy in the church during the Holy Mass.

To play with and for Bible studies

Jesus Christ is Emmanuel – God with us (Matt. 1:23). Therefore we do not find it offensive, when children engage the Plush Jesus figure in their everyday activities. Plush Jesus can be used to bring alive stories from the New Testament – it can heal sick dolls or multiply bread and fish. Plush Jesus figure can also be used in ordinary games. The Plush Jesus figure can be a guest on tea parties with dolls, it can take a stroll in a baby prams and be a replacements for a conventional Teddy Bear. The Plush Jesus figure depicts the Son of God therefore it should have a special place in every children´s room! There are so many appropriate ways how to play and your children will surely come up with many interesting games with the Plush Jesus figure!


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