It’s a question I have asked myself at different times throughout my life,  what  good does it do to ask Saints for help when I could go straight to Jesus?  I would  pray to the Lord to open my eyes to the Saints, and like all my prayers throughout my life,  He answered –  and goodness me it knocked me off my feet.

I had a wonderful, miraculous awakening to the Saints via St Faustina.  This event happened while my father was taking his last breath on this earth and something I’ll share soon.

When  I experienced the this  miracle I truly knew that the Saints were not just pretty pictures in a missal or on the walls of our churches, but that they are, by the grace of God, listening to us, wanting to help us and intercede for us on our behalf.

Catholic doctrine totally rejects  the worship of Saints, however, we are able to pray for their intercession with God. To aid us we have statues, icons and pictures of the Saints that we should honour and place in our homes to be venerated.  These representations prompt us to remember how these people, in their broken human state, dedicated their lives to Christ and we can do the same too.

In 1545 at the Council of Trent the veneration of Saints statues, icons and images was discussed:

“Thus it follows that through these images, which we kiss and before which we kneel and uncover our heads, we are adoring Christ and venerating the Saints whose likeness these images we bear”.

Saints are our great friend’s in heaven and Our Lord must be so pleased by all their efforts on earth and if this is true then so would the Holy Mother of God, Mary. How powerful our heartfelt prayers to the Saints must be! And how marvellous to have links to heaven via the Saints that you choose or that choose you!

St Bernadette said  “The Blessed Virgin used me as a broom to brush away the dust.
When the job is done the broom is placed behind the door.” –  St Bernadette was a pure and simple child and I am sure she would not of known that she would be put to work in heaven as she was on earth.  I am certain this is true for the Saints who have left the earth,  Our Lady will send the Saints in to help us when we ask , like I said what power we have in our friends in heaven.

On my facebook page I am friends with people who have set up pages to honour the Saints, Saints such as  Padre Pio, St Therese, St Jude, St Thomas, St Paul and many other great Saints. I find when I have the friend request I never have to think about clicking on the friend button, I never hesitate,  I want to be their friend I want to get to know these men and woman of faith and Joy.

It’s a wonderful journey when you are getting to know someone and the same applies to the Saint or Saints that cross your path, enjoy it, get to know the person they were here on earth.  Jesus said the “kingdom of God is near to us” , we just have to remind ourselves  that although we cannot see them they are close to us and the promise is that we will one day see them – phew , what a day that will be.